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Grand Opening of a Third Nicholas Academic Center at Century High School

While grand openings usually announce that a new business has gone public, the official opening of the third Nicholas Academic Center at Century High School in Santa Ana on Wednesday, December 14, announced a future filled with even greater potential for the 270 students at Century who will now join the ever-expanding family of Nicholas Academic Centers Scholars.
To celebrate the opening, nearly 200 community members, school administrators, students and parents toured the new center, participated in a variety of activities and games, and enjoyed professionally catered appetizers, entrees, and desserts. The Century High School Choir also treated guests to a selection of Christmas carols and the National Anthem.The evening’s speakers included Dr. Jonathan Swanson, Principal of Century High School, Dr. Stefanie Phillips, Superintendent of SAUSD, Tony Rackauckas, District Attorney of Orange County, Miguel Pulido, Mayor of the City of Santa Ana, Mariela Garcia-Alvarado, Nicholas Academic Centers & Century alumna and graduating senior at Cal State Fullerton, as well as both Nicholas Academic Centers Co-Founders, Dr. Henry T. Nicholas, III, and Judge Jack K. Mandel.
The opening was truly unique in its scope and significance.  The mission to improve students’ and their families lives is being realized daily at the Nicholas Academic Centers, and the positive impact in the community will reverberate with increasing strength for years to come. Here is to the third Nicholas Academic Center. Here’s to the future. 
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