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Class of 2011
Marisol Moreno : Allegheny College
I am a senior at Santa Ana High School, and throughout my years, one thing that I have come to appreciate is the Nicholas Academic Center. Everyone knows everybody there; it is like a giant family that connects and talks constantly. When I first came to the Center, I was known as “Elizabeth’s sister,” but since my sister left for college, I have made my own name here. Thanks to everyone at the center, I am no longer as shy as I used to be. Also, they have helped me reach my full potential. I became a creative person, and I constantly think outside of the box because I always want to take things to another level. That is why I joined the ACE club at my school because it provided an outlet for my creativity. The Nicholas Academic Center has helped me reach my full potential, which has lead to unlimited possibilities. For that, I will always be grateful.