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Class of 2011
Liliana Alba : Morningside College

As a student of the Nicholas Academic Center, I am thankful to all of the staff for providing unconditional support. Not only do they help place students on the right track academically, but they also ensure emotional support. Thanks to Janae, I was able to discover Morningside, which has now become my dream school. They have been very kind and attentive to all of my questions. Thanks to them, I am been privileged enough to say that I will be attending Morningside this upcoming fall. They have offered me many scholarships that will help me in my academic future. I would to thank Rocio for supporting me emotionally through my whole experience with the NAC, and I would also like to thank Janae for helping me figure out the college that would be the best fit for me. Finally, I’d like to thank Rosa for advising me all these years.