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Class of 2011
Jose Tizol : California State University, Fullerton
First of all, I humbly thank the Nicholas Academic Center for giving me such tremendous support, encouragement, and help. I enjoyed my high school career, especially because of my involvement in different clubs that helped me feel part of the school. Furthermore, I am proud to receive the HEEF and the SAC scholarships because this shows me that the efforts that I make will pay off. I am very excited to attend Cal State Fullerton this summer because it is going to be a new experience and I look forward to it. I would like to thank my mother, whom I love so much because she is the reason why I am here today, and I want to make her feel proud by taking advantage of my opportunities. Ultimately, I would like to encourage the Class of 2012 and tell them to never underestimate themselves because they are smarter than they think; they should keep following their goals and never give up.