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Class of 2011
Melissa Arambulo : University of California, Berkeley


During high school, I found that I am a self-directed, determined person. When I have goals, I do what it takes to accomplish them. I also make sure to challenge myself while keeping a positive attitude. If I’m feeling great, my work output is also great. In school, I was involved in clubs such as Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement (MESA) and Architecture Construction Engineering (ACE), which I joined because of my interest in the fields of architecture and engineering.  I also took part in sports, which included volleyball and track and field. I was a peer tutor for Valley Think, where I helped my peers who were struggling academically. During my sophomore year, I received the Simon Family Foundation Scholarship. I owe much of my academic success to my teachers, counselors, and mentors who supported me throughout my high school journey. I especially want to thank my parents for making it possible for me to receive an education. Within my last four years in high school I have experienced that no matter how you start the game, it makes all the difference if you finish strong!