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Class of 2011
Marco Soberanis : Santa Ana College
In my family I’m the first one to graduate from high school and attend college. Working hard every day gives me a feeling of satisfaction and helps me stay confident, leaving me with my head held high. Without my Mother’s presence, it’s sometimes hard to concentrate and think. All I want is to make her proud and show her I love her and appreciate everything she has done for me. I’ve been in sports since my freshman year: football, basketball and volleyball. I also took part in the CIF committee. As a student athlete, I think the Nicholas Academy Center is very helpful; it gives me time to do my homework and interact with new people and tutors. My major goal is to be a graphic designer or photographer. I plan to attend Santa Ana College, where I have been honored with the Santa Ana College Scholarship. After completing community college I will attend Cal State, Fullerton. I would like to thank my family for all their support and all their help, especially my dad, and for making me a better person.