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Class of 2011
Mariela Garcia : California State University, Fullerton


I am an assertive, confident, intelligent, honest, creative outlier who has to learn to plan my goals better. My growth will take place at CSUF. During my years at Century High School, I have been passionately involved with our Model United Nations program; MUN is the reason I have an interest in international relations. Choir awakened a love for music and singing. I was also involved in ASB, Mock Trial, PAL, and Key Club. I acknowledge the great influence Judge Jack Mandel-- “Grandpa”--has had over my life since my participation at the NAC. Grandpa helped me have a greater perspective on life; a life that will make a difference in others due to the contribution I will make to society. He helped me discover my true potential and talents; moreover, he challenged my mind, which made me discover my intellectual curiosity. Judge Mandel, Rosa, Janae, Juan, and the rest of the NAC staff helped me transform into the individual I’ve become. My parents along with my teachers-- Mr. Akamine, Ms. Heaney, Mr. Rodebaugh, and Mr. Armstrong-- and my friends--Angel and Wendy – helped me discover my natural aptitude for learning. You learn something everyday if you pay attention.