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Class of 2011
Lorena Garduno : Santa Ana College
Growing into an adult throughout high school has been quite an experience. One of my strengths is helping people in need. When I see someone struggling, I always try to help that individual as much as I can. During my high school career, I was involved in many activities. I was in AVID and the Global Academy of Finance for 3 years. I was in sports such as: Volleyball, Cross Country, Soccer, and Track and Field. I would like to thank all my Global Academy teachers. Without them I wouldn’t have discovered that the business world is so interesting. I would also like to thank my counselor, Mrs. Garcia. She has given me advice about everything and I think she is a great mentor. I would also like to thank my parents. Without their support I would have struggled a lot. Finally, I’d like to thank the NAC. A few words of advice to the following seniors is to never slack off and to never stop believing in yourself