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Class of 2011
Luis Rivera : Santa Ana College
I would like to start off by thanking all those who got me through High School. The first ones to thank are my mother and my brother. If it weren’t for these two individuals I wouldn’t have made it this far. I'd also like to thank the NAC staff, for their hard work and efforts to push me forward; they were there every step of the way. Through these experiences, I learned to be more responsible and never leave anything to the last minute. I also grew in many other ways by working hard on the things that need to be accomplished and being creative. During my High School years I was involved in many activities: NJROTC, Cross Country, Track & Field, Art, and Photography. These activities helped me in school, by helping me stay on track with grades, working with others in my team or group, and helping me build character. Due to many wonderful people that surrounded and helped me, I, with many other graduates, am thankful to have them around. “Everything that surrounds you is an inspiration and you just have to go out and find your inspiration.”