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Class of 2011
Mario Murillo : Santa Ana College
I’m a creative, hard working senior who enjoys giving back to his community and adapts to any circumstances. I will be attending Santa Ana College where I will obtain my AA Degree in Business and then transfer to Cal State Fullerton to begin my dream of opening my own business. As I began high school, I took part in a many activities: water polo, swimming, the Nicholas Academic Center (NAC), volunteer organizations and the Global Academy of Finance (AOF). I would like to thank my friends for the unique memories they have given me in high school, my parents for always pushing me to do my best, and my close friend, Alfonso Ortega who brought me to NAC and who was always there when I needed a hand. The advice that I would give to others is to keep pursuing your goal no matter what odds there are and never give up on your dreams and yourself. Keep on fighting, and you will succeed.