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Class of 2011
Angel Molina : Chapman University
As I come to an end of my last year in high school, I would like to briefly reflect upon the experience. Freshman year of high school was unexpected. It involved drastic changes, from classes to friends. It was a rough start that led me to believe that high school was going to be a nightmare. I now realize, however, that my perception back then was wrong. Through diligent and stressful days, I managed to pull myself together and overcome burdens I encountered. Some of the main activities that I enjoyed the most were Model United Nations and French Club. I developed a passion for both activities. Moreover, my accomplishments during high school led me to obtain a full-ride scholarship from Chapman University, along with the help of the NAC. In the end, I am looking forward to tackling my freshman year of college this fall. Most sincerely, I am thankful to the NAC and my counselor, Ms. Vazquez, for their constant support through my most difficult years in high school.