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Class of 2011
Maria Fuentes : University of California, Davis


This coming fall, I will be attending University of California, Davis; the University has provided me with the “Entering UG Scholarship” for $4,700. I am a hardworking, intelligent, caring, and optimistic woman, and I am also a wonderful friend. I am able to meet deadlines and provide my friends with comfort through crises, even when they happen simultaneously. I am also able to achieve my endeavors by setting my priorities straight. During my High School years, I was involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters, ACE (Architecture, Construction, Engineering), Solar Cup, Robotics, Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Track, and CSF. I would like to thank my parents and my sister, Jennifer, for all the love and the support they have given me. I would like to tell future NAC Seniors to be attentive and stay on task. Senior year goes by fast, so enjoy it and take advantage of the resources provided to you.