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Class of 2011
Luis Hurtado : Orange Coast College
The biggest strength that truly defines who I am is my ability to persevere through life’s challenges, whether it be as simple as homework piling up or as severe as something tragic happening; I always try having a positive mindset, regardless of the circumstance. During my high school years I’ve been a part of several Valley High School activities, such as the cross-country team, track and field, wrestling, volleyball and the Falcon Marching Band. I would like to thank with the utmost gratitude all of the NAC staff for their encouragement and support; you have truly inspired me to keep pursuing my dreams of going to college. I would also like to thank Dr. Nicholas for funding and supporting the NAC. We all know that without his help, none of this would even be possible. Keep striving for whatever it is you want in life and remember that life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about dancing in the rain.