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Class of 2011
Ruth Martinez : Morningside College
The greatest lesson that I have learned by being part of the Nicholas Academic Center is, “Believe in yourself even if you don’t.” In the beginning of my senior year, I saw myself as a “nobody” when compared to others, and I felt hopeless about getting accepted to college. But then I realized that I had achieved great accomplishments in my high school life: being involved in Concert Choir for four years, Best Buddies, Refuge Christian Club, and the Troy Tech program. However, it wasn’t easy for me to believe there was hope because I dealt with obstacles and problems. In the end, my path brought me to Morningside College. At Morningside, I will participate in the Talent Award Scholarship, which has been a great blessing in my life. Without the support from the NAC staff, my senior year would have turned to be a disaster. Now, I have discovered through the Nicholas Academic Center that my weaknesses are now my greatest strengths and accomplishments. But lastly, I would like to thank my mom who has been through this entire college journey with me. I am blessed that I have a mother like her.