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Class of 2011
Wendy Martinez : Allegheny College
Before attending the Nicholas Academic Center, I was very shy and reserved and although I am still not as talkative as other students, I am continuing to work on being less reticent. During the past two and half years, I have learned to appreciate people who have inspired me to succeed and have deposited their faith in me. I have begun to realize that I do have the potential to achieve greatness with some effort and determination. Additionally, being involved in activities at Century High School such as Model United Nations, Peer Assistance Leadership, Mock Trial, United Student Body, MOTAL Junior Docent program, and Project S.E.L.F., has helped me earn valuable skills, such as public speaking and researching. I received the Project S.E.L.F. Scholarship and the Allegheny Trustee Scholarship. I would love to thank the Judge, Rosa, Janae, and the Nicholas Staff for all their help, support, and guidance. I could not have successfully survived high school without them. They have been my guiding light and mentors for the past two and a half years. To all aspiring underclassmen, good luck; I wish you the best and keep moving towards your goals.