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Class of 2011
Emmanuel Alvarez : Morningside College


I joined the Nicholas Academic Center my sophomore year, without a clue of how beneficial it would be towards my education.  All the help I received made me feel as if I had to strive to do the very best, and I developed a state of mind where simply having a passing grade, such as a “C,” was not acceptable.  I received the Achievement Award, Morningside Alumni Grant, Morningside Grant, and the Travel Award from Morningside College.  I would like to thank Janae, Rosa, Susana, Juan, and Rocio for always supporting me, and reminding me to stay on top of things.  I would also like to thank all the tutors for always helping me with my studies.  Finally, two of the most important people I would like to thank are Dr. Nicholas and Judge Jack Mandel; together, they created this one small world, where young adolescents grow into mature, successful adults. Without them, my resolution to pursue college would have remained a ponderous objective.  For the future NAC Seniors: stay true to yourselves, don’t lose sight of your goals, and if change is what you’re looking for, change to be the greatest you can be.